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Arbor Consulting

Building a new home and wondering which trees to save?


 Where should the driveway go? Its always best to consider the sun's winter and summer time's path across the sky. Without a doubt, this path will effect tree and ground cover's growth

Pre Storm Check Up


With 11+ years with F.E.M.A. storm recovery, we've seen the aftermath from Oklahoma City, to Kansas City, to Richmond, VA to Miami, to New Orleans and most recently Montgomery County. With beach water temperatures in excess of 86 F in Galveston, TX we sensed the big one coming in 2008.

We started preparing our regular customers in July 08 by suggesting:

  • Remove giant pines close to your home, especially the ones that stand in low lying water pockets. (Pine trees are mainly held erect by a tap root system verses the ranging toot system of the deciduous hardwoods.)
  • Remove dead or dangerous limbs and marginal tops less they become flying missiles.
  • Bind insurance before a hurricane enters the Gulf of Mexico, don't deal with out of state tree services in the aftermath – you'll probably get ripped off. And forget about F.E.M.A. assistance for debris removal if you live in a gated community. Price sound like a rip-off? 

Always feel free to ask us for a second opinion.